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Marine Phytoplankton
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Tom Harper made history while creating his legacy by making the first and oldest food on earth, marine phytoplankton, available to mankind for the first time in history.

What is amazing about marine phytoplankton is that it is FIRST… the first food on earth… Tom Harper’s $30-million sea farm is the first of its kind on earth… and ForeverGreen is the first to market exclusively!

Marine phytoplankton is BEST… it is the base of the plant kingdom, in, and out of the ocean… NASA declared that it is responsible for up to 90 percent of our oxygen… and we now know that many whales live on marine phytoplankton 100, even 200 years, while enjoying a healthy love life.

Lastly, marine phytoplankton is the FINAL say in health and wellness. It has 400 times the energy of any known plant, evidenced by its nutritional analysis! In essence, marine phytoplankton is a “checkmate” in the world of health. It doesn’t get any better!

It was out of necessity that this legacy was created. Tom Harper was given weeks to months to live. Today, four years later, Tom lives to tell his story. Already, upon hearing Tom’s story, the demand around the world is becoming overwhelming.

Enjoy our ForeverGreen products that contain the FIRST, BEST and FINAL say in health and wellness… marine phytoplankton.

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